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Mule Competitions 2024

Mule Tickets 

Our 2023 Mule Information:

Purchase a mule ticket for a chance to win Esther.  Esther is a bay molly mule out of a quarter horse mare. She is currently 12 hands but expect between 14 and 15 hands tall.  She turns 1 year old in November. Very quiet and very friendly. Easy to catch, leads, loads and clips easy.

*At the time of drawing we will attempt to call you to verify you want to keep or auction the mule. If we are unable to reach you, we will auction the mule and keep a standing bid until we reach you. We will also email you if we cannot reach you by phone. *


Mule Competition Schedule

Schedule Subject to Change.

Please check the website for the most up to date information while at the festival!

Sept 26 Thursday  
Entertainment: Family Center 

      Wagon Train 10 AM to 2 PM 


Sept 27 Friday  
Education: Family Center  

   Steve Edward Mule Manship 10AM

Competition: Cooper Steel Area

American Mule and Music Association Gaited Mule Show Starts 10 AM  Class Sheet

North American Saddle Mule and Donkey Show Starts at 4 PM Class Sheet

Sept 28 Saturday 
Education: Family Center

   Steve Edward Mulemanship Clinic 10AM


North American Saddle Mule & Donkey Show  10 AM  Cooper Steel Arena Class Sheet

American Mule & Music Association Gaited Mule Show 4 PM Cooper Steel Arena Class Sheet

Mule and Draft pulling Champion Arena 3PM Champions Arena

Fastest Mule Race Cooper steel 7 PM Cooper Steel Arena

Mule Drawing give away 7:30 PM Cooper Steel Arena

Lucky Dog Racing

JR Mule Skinner Program

The Jr Mule Skinner program is an opportunity for all generations to learn about the American Mule and the history of Bluegrass Music. During the 1 hour session Marty Ray Gordon will explain how mules are created and their unique anatomy. He will demonstrate with Jill the mule and point out parts of  the harness. He will also tell about the history and making of Bluegrass music.  Attendee will receive a certificate of completion signed by Bedford county’s Senior Mule Skinner Mr. Billy Tapley , a booklet that covers American Mule’s contributions, where bluegrass music started and true story of Marty Ray Gordon’s life growing up with mules in Wartrace Tn. Come and get up close with Jill and ask questions about mules and Music.

AMMA Membership

Click this link to fill out the application to become a member of the American Mule and Music Association.

Mule Tickets
Mule Competition
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