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About American Mule and Bluegrass Festival

The American Mule and Bluegrass Festival, founded in 2021 by Marty Ray Gordon, is a celebration rooted in a passion for mules and bluegrass music, inspired by Marty's rich heritage of growing up in Wartrace, Tennessee. Driven by his love for these traditions and the desire to share the old-time knowledge inherited from his grandparents, Marty established this festival to honor and preserve these unique cultural aspects.

Our festival, operating under the 501(c)(3) nonprofit American Mule and Music Association, has become a cherished event in the community. Each year, we invite every 4th grader in Bedford County to explore the fascinating world of mules and engage in hands-on learning of timeless homestead skills like blacksmithing and fireside cooking. 

As we continue to grow, our dedication to preserving and sharing these essential crafts has expanded to include homestead talks and demonstrations for families. The American Mule and Bluegrass Festival offers a unique blend of history, music, and mules, ensuring that the wisdom of the past enriches future generations.

Jessica Horton in a Mule Wagon singing Mule Skinner Blues
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