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Dear Partner,

The American Mule and Bluegrass Festival's mission is to showcase the mule in a family, fun, musical festival that supports charities and offers spiritual assistance to anyone that is in need. Although the five charities shared the profits of the 2021 festival, success was not measured by money but by the one soul that showed up requesting help.

Aaron Hudson a 37-year-old veteran arrived on the last day desperate for help. We supported him with prayer and guidance to the Veteran Hospital in Murfreesboro Tennessee. Aaron's recovery gained a spiritual family and position on the festival committee. All of us at AMBF is thankful for Aaron's testimony and connection to Freedom Sings USA nonprofit foundation.

Freedom Sings USA professional songwriters support veterans by listening to their stories and converting them to a song. It is a unique alternative therapy that is working to relieve trauma from combat and military service. This Nashville connection will bring an entertainment element that is unique to this area and provides support to all veterans. AMBF will be offering all its profits to this foundation that supports veterans. Local charities will receive funds from their efforts supporting the jobs required to put on the festival.

AMBF will be honoring Mr. JB Stubblefield by hosting a Wagon train. Mr. Stubblefield is a 103-year-old decorated WWII hero that knows the value of good mules. We will gather 104 wagon teams in his honor. My father Robert Paul Gordon was in the 101st Airborne Army division and my stepfather Command Sergeant Major John P Whitson was a 40 yr. plus Army veteran. Military service is dear to my heart and AMBF 2022 festival will be honoring our veterans Sept 26 to Oct 1, 2022. Please consider becoming a partner with AMBF and supporting our veterans. Thank you and God Bless.

Marty Gordon

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Marty Ray Gordon

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